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I started watching Supernatural in 2013, mainly because I'd seen Jared in Friday the 13th and liked the look of him. I bought Season 1 on DVD because it was cheap and I wanted to feast my eyes. A few episodes in and I realised Dean, for me, was the more interesting character. And he was funny. Didn't fancy him much though (except his voice, his walk, his wit...). My first Supernatural love, to be honest, was the Impala. I'm a vintage car enthusiast and owned two V8s back in the days when I could afford to run them.

Season 1 led to Season 2 and some intense power watching all the way through to Season 8. Being UK based, that was it - long wait for Season 9. So I went back to S1 and watched them all again. And again. Third time round I was watching less for the ride and more for how the show was put together. The quality of writing, the humour, the subtext, the inventiveness, the scares, the willingness to rip the piss out of itself (and the fanbase) pushed all my buttons from day one. And still does. But I also realised I was focusing more and more on Dean. Actually, I'd realised what a seriously f*cking good actor Jensen Ackles is (and I'm picky). That was it really. Overnight hots for The Dean.

Since then a fantastic Android App called Showbox has allowed me to watch subsequent seasons in real broadcast time, so I'm always up to speed.

I'm no stranger to writing fan fiction (in other fandoms), but I write SPN stories to challenge myself, see if I can write something which comes anywhere close to the show I love. Have I succeeded? You, the readers, will have to be the judge.

Elmore Leonard is my favourite writer for pure, lean style and whip-smart dialogue. (I always try and adhere to his 10 rules of writing. If you haven't read them, it's worth a look). Tim Powers is my favourite novelist for awesome storytelling and an imagination like no other.

I'm a semi-professional musician. I play guitar and write the songs/lyrics for an alt.folk/steampunk band called Ghostfire. I also play bass, drums and a bit of banjo. I love classical music, modern dance and alt. rock. I was once a music journalist and have several books published under my real name (also about music).

I'm a little too fond of technology and can geek out massively over flat screen TVs (I'm a brand ambassador for Panasonic). I'm vegan, a bit of a gym rat and a devout fan of the Old American West. I like good movies (especially westerns), and even better TV. Justified, Dexter, Deadwood, Hell on Wheels all float my boat.

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